The Inside Sets the Stage for the Outside

Ink on Watercolor Paper – Words: Robert T. Kiyosaki

There is great power in the words we speak to ourselves and others. The things we hear out loud can determine our course of thinking and how we are perceived by others. The words we choose to use to express ourselves can help or hinder our ability to communicate with others. Relationships are built and destroyed by simple words.

Then these are the times we are alone with our own thoughts and the voice in our head talks to us. It reminds us of our mistakes, our guilt, our flaws and may leave out all the great things we have done. We have the ability to train our thoughts and control what we let run a muck through our mind. It means shutting down the old tapes and making new ones. To change our future we need to change the old pathways in our brain by creating new, positive, enriching things to say to ourselves.

I had a mentor who taught me about the impact of the spoken word and the power of the words we say to ourselves. The only way the outside will reflect the person we really want to be is if we work to speak positive, uplifting, encouraging and impactful things to ourselves. It is the words we tell ourselves in those private thoughts that truly direct our path. If we do not believe we are worth the effort than no matter what we say out loud to others our own inner dialogue deceives us all.

We are worth the effort, we do add value, and we matter to this world. We have important things to share with the people and tasks in our lives, which means one of the best ways to prepress ourselves for our life’s work is to prepare our minds for success. Be kind, thoughtful and positive with ourselves. That then prepares us to do the same with everyone else.

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