Feet on the Floor is a Good Thing

Ink on Art Alternative Watercolor paper – words: Eleanor Roosevelt

Each new day is a fresh start, a way to make something happen that has not happened in the past. That may sound like a cliche or the inside of a Hallmark Get Well Card, yet I believe it. The challenge is reminding ourselves of that right when we wake up when all we think about is our to do list.

Each time our feet hit the floor after a night’s rest we have the chance of a lifetime. We have another day to work, love, share and create. That may feel hard to remember when we are trapped at home because of social distancing. I took a long walk today and got rained on. It was a bit cool and wet and yet I didn’t mind at all. This is one advantage of living in the country, long winding roads where you see no one and have space to think. When I woke up I didn’t feel positive, so I had to remind myself that a new day is a gift, an opportunity and the only person who can spoil that is me!

We are shortly heading into summer and things are still being cancelled due to COVID-19. That means what we thought was getting better is lingering on longer than we want. That means we have to choose to be positive. WE have to choose to think of things to do that challenge us, energize us and even allow us to enjoy the situation. I don’t know about you but I cannot control what is happening out there, I can only control what I do each day. So today I choose to keep moving forward and feeling positive about another day with my feet on the floor.

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  1. like. I expected to see the lettering around two feet. or maybe a human foot, a dog foot, a bear foot, and a bird foot.


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