Embrace the Time & the Quiet

Ink on Watercolor paper – Words: Meryl Streep

It is one thing to survive the new and unexplainable, it is another to stand in awe of them and let them surround your life. We are living in these times right now and we can either be a victim of our circumstances or we can choose to embrace them and be victorious. That sounds well and good when the suffering of our current state has not left you hungry, homeless or unemployed. It is hard to get excited about it all when the life once lived will be lived no more.

I spoke to people today in all parts of the country. They were all experiencing the same isolation and distancing and yet approaching it in positive ways. One guy started running and walking with his wife everyday. He said it was something they did when they were dating and he was glad to have it back in their lives. A creative woman told me that her knitting group is making scarves together, each person knitting a small section then either mailing it or dropping it off at the next person’s front porch. By the end everyone will have a scarf that everyone worked on as a memory of their adventure together. A third person told me how they are going back to school for a graduate degree and all they needed was a bit of their life to slow down to get started. I have heard stories about people cleaning their closets, making quilts, building additions and even just planting their flowers for Spring.

It has been several weeks now and whether we like it or not we do not know what will happen next. We can sit in fear or we can put our new found time and quiet to work in our lives. There is only so much television to watch or movies to download. I was encouraged to hear the things people are doing together – even at a distance – to make themselves better people.

We cannot control our circumstances we can only control how we react to them. We can be victims or we can choose to act in a way that propels us towards victory. We each have time and quiet so the question is how will you react to another day when you wake up tomorrow morning? Do not take it for granted, there are people who will not be given another tomorrow, so don’t waste yours.

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