Just Keep Doing Something

Gel Print with Ink – Words: Octavia Butler

We have all been discouraged by events and circumstances in our lives, most of the time we get back up. It may take us a while and we might not always be full of sunshine and roses when we find our feet again. We all know that recovering from setbacks and letdowns takes time. The key is to get back up and not quit.

The things that haunt us in life are the things we leave undone. When we quit we give others permission to quit. When we choose to give something less than our best we are no longer able to lecture others when they do the same. Most of us have learned what we know through education, experience and watching others do it better than we thought possible. Whether we like it or not our lives serve as journeys others will want to follow. When we choose to do less than our best we leave the road mirky and full of potholes. No one wants to travel that kind of road for long.

It is the moments when we refuse to give up, refuse to surrender, when we refuse to let the normal excuses of life prevent us from bringing our best efforts, it is these moments when miracles happen. They may not be news worthy miracles yet they are still important and impressionable for ourselves and those around us. We all want to believe that hard work pays off. We want to believe that if we keep trying something will change or happen or get completed. Our miracle will never happen if we give up.

Today may be the day you want to give up, don’t do it. Take a break, do something else, put this project aside and do something different. Delay is not denial. Give yourself time to refresh your ideas and re-energize yourself, or maybe you need to let your mind rest. Once you have had a break pick this ‘thing’ back up and let your creative juices flow. The key is to never give up. Hard work does pay off, it just requires that you keep doing something.

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