Action Up and Get Moving

Sumi Ink with Wink of Stella – Words: Florence Nightingale

These words from Florence Nightingale ring true even more than a hundred years after they were uttered. Fear of the unknown, fear of the world we know drastically changing, and the fear of going without cross our minds daily. These are times most of us have never know and yet they have impacted our lives without warning. In a matter of weeks everything we know has been impacted and is beginning to change.

Fear paralyzes us and halts our ability to be our best selves. Action cures fear, so to prevent fear from taking hold we need to act. To make ourselves feel better when fear strikes, do something. Walk, read, move, clean, talk to someone, complete a project, being a project, or even just write down your ideas of the future. The process of being in motion somehow eliminates the power of fear.

None of us know how long this is going to take or when it will end. In order to endure that big, giant bundle of the unknown our only antidote it action. Think of it this way, there is no pill yet movement, ideas, conversation, thoughts and creativity are the antibiotic for fear. So to feel better and do what you can to make your world less fearful, add a big dose of action into your day. Let your mind focus on what you are doing instead of the unknown. Action cures fear, so action up and get moving.

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