The Best Road Trip You Will Ever Have

Ink on Mixed Media – Words: Twyla Tharp

Right about now many of us want to run away from home just to get out, go somewhere that is not our house simply to experience a few moments of spontaneity. Being in one place for too long without an opportunity for change can feel stifling and confining. This is my moment to encourage you to do something creative.

Ok, you’ve heard this before – blah, blah, blah. You know being creative can change things, so what is preventing you from being creative? Lack of resources, lack of time? Lack of ideas or even a lack of daring to step outside of the way things are to do something completely different? Those are all easy excuses we sell ourself so we do not have to get up and create. We’ve all told ourselves these things and let them coax us into a lull. I felt that way this week. I didn’t really want to do anything. I found myself walking down our halls trying to find something creative to do, all I saw were pet hair dust bunnies that I was too lazy to sweep up!

I took a deep breath and started doing something. I got a blank piece of paper, splashed some ink straight out of the bottles, then swirled it around. THAT is how I got this background. I did multiples of various colors, papers, and even used the aluminum foil that covered my lunch to add some texture. I didn’t particularly know what any of it was for, I was just glad to be moving. Today I looked at the dry papers and saw this piece…and away I went. Before I knew it I had created several things from the ink splashes. All I needed was something to get my creative juice flowing.

Maybe you write, maybe you dance, maybe you build or clean or rearrange furniture. Whatever it is, being creative is a way to escape your daily doldrums without ever leaving home. Creativity is the cheapest trip you will ever take. Allowing yourself to do something to relieve your mind and soul of your daily burdens is the best medicine you will ever ingest.

Allow yourself to travel in your own creativity today. Prepare a space, an area, get out your supplies or just write down all your ideas. What ever it is you do, get up and go do it. Give yourself the gift of creativity and let the good times roll. It is the best road trip you will ever have in the comfort of your own home.

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  1. I gave myself the gift of creativity. I even got a gift card from a magnanimous (thank you spell check) person to let my ‘creative genius’ fly. It was like riding the 1903 version of the Boeing SuperMax. The Hindenburg. It was newsworthy.


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