What Are You Doing With Your Time?

Gel Print with Gold Ink – Words: A Chinese Proverb

Suddenly we all find ourselves with time on our hands. Things we would normally do without thinking have been cancelled, rescheduled or we no longer want to risk it, so we stay home. What once was over scheduled and frazzled has now become quiet. Even though there is the perception of more time on our hands, reality tells us we still only have twenty four hours each day.

We have dear friend’s whose fourteen year old son has terminal cancer. They have battled this horrible disease for over two years. Though they are in no way finically rich, they would give any amount of money to have more time with their son. None of us will escape death no matter how hard we try. We only have the time given to us. What we do with our time is ours to choose, so choose wisely.

This Chinese proverb reminds us that no matter how rich you are money cannot buy you more time. So how are you enjoying your time at home? There are so many tasks that can take up our time that we forget one of our most important options with our time, dreaming and dreaming big. In these days of pandemic viruses and the unknown it might seem silly to think about dreams and ideas. We are not the first generations to experience this kind of situation, remember that some of the best ideas that got us to where we are today evolved out of other undesirable circumstances. Necessity is the mother of invention.

We cannot buy more time, so use your time wisely. Let those ideas in your hear percolate until they keep you up at night. Nothing is too big or too small to be worth investigating. Your ideas may be what changes your world first then the rest of the world forever. So let these strange and unknown times allow you to use your time to dream, think big, and allow your ideas to come to life.

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