See Beyond All That with Hope

Tombow & Copic Pens – words by Helen Keller

There are things we all hope for, dream about, and want to believe are possible. On a good day they are the thoughts that bring light and hope to out hearts. On a bad day these are the ideas that fill us with anxiety and fear not knowing how it will all turn out.

The actions we take to make our dreams come true are actions based in faith and help move us closer to a future where our actions have made a difference. No idea, no intuition or fleeting thought can go anywhere without hope. To think that this quote came from a woman who could not see, hear or speak humbles me. Helen Keller had a hope and optimism beyond her natural instincts that puts us able bodied humans to shame.

Anyone can point out the dark side, the consequences, and the pitfalls of any endeavor. It is easy to point out the downside of any idea. It takes hope and faith to see beyond all that and somehow know that an idea is worth pursuing, to encourage others towards something meaningful and to have faith in others.

Today I encourage you with Helen Keller’s words to put your optimism and faith to work, let the hope within your heart out for the world to see. Give the ideas within your head the effort they deserve to come to life and change your world.

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