Better Times Are on Their Way

Japanese handmade papers – words by Harriet Beecher Stowe

Sometimes life delivers a bumpy ride. Be it financial challenges, sickness, things taking longer than you hoped or maybe something as dire A feeling as being out of work, no one’s life is ever without sorrow and strife. These are the moments when our character and attitude are tested.

This wonderful quote by Harriet Beecher Stowe reminds us that in these bumpy times when we need to stick to it, keep going, and never give up for the tide will turn and that bumpy ride will become smooth. It may not happen the way we want, when we want or within our idea of what should happen and yet life changes in a moment.

Ask anyone who has achieved any type of success or accomplishment, all of them will tell you there was a time when they wanted to give up, quit, or just forget it all. The low points of working hard and not seeing anything turn out the way you wanted can be deeply discouraging. The flight instinct in us makes us want to run far away and find something new. That little voice inside tells us that there has got to be an easier way. Don’t listen to it. Stick to your goal and push through these trying times.

Eventually the fight instinct kicks in and your energy, ideas, passion and desire to move forward takes over and the wall you were facing comes tumbling down. Surround yourself with people who will support you, encourage you, listen and show empathy and then let them push you to get right back into the game. You might need a momentary pity party, so take that moment, then get back up and keep moving.

No one said what you are trying to do in life would be easy, and life is not fair. Things seems to happen in threes, so keep your head high even in dire times. Let yourself pause, then get right back at it. Just when you think you are done is the time when things will change. Wouldn’t it be a shame to miss that moment simply by giving in to the idea of quitting? Hold on, better times are on their way!

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