One Thing Everyday

Paste Paper, Marbled Paper – words by Eleanor Roosevelt

We say that we want to drink in all that life has to offer, and yet we live too many days of our lives the same way. We live within the ruts we have created by our choices, our commitments and our desire for routine. It is impossible to live every day on the edge without driving ourselves insane, so there has got to be a happy medium somewhere in the middle.

I think these wise words from Eleanor Roosevelt bring us to that middle ground. Each of us have things that scare us – speaking in public, finding a new job, even asking that person for a date – and doing at least one thing everyday day that scares us is an ‘easy’ way to keep ourselves fresh. We gain courage, self respect, experience and wisdom as we do something big or small that scares us.

Not everyone can climb Mt Everest or hang glide, and yet one small step of conquering a fear each day can put those huge scary activities into perspective. Taking a road home that you’re not totally sure where it leads is scary and adventurous at the same time. You may be surprised by what you see along that new road and your perspective of the area in which you live may get a boost.

Dare yourself to do one thing today that makes your heart race because it is new, or different, or one of your greatest fears. Once you have done that one thing, sit back and process through how you felt, how you did, and how much you are still scared of that one thing. Then do it again tomorrow, just one thing that scares you. Before you know it you will have courage and self confidence you did not think was possible. Suddenly the choices, the commitments and routines of life won’t feel so flat or boring simply because you know that you are about to do one thing that scares you. Thank you Eleanor, your words are greatly appreciated!

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