A Party Without a Cake…

Hand Decorated Papers – words by Julia Child

I believe that everyone has somewhere in which their creativity can shine. It might be a spreadsheet, or designing a building, navigating international trade laws, creating pottery or maybe even cooking. For Julia Child, someone who loved to eat and didn’t know how to cook, the desire to learn to cook became her passion. She took lessons, practiced, worked hard and then put that passion to work teaching others to cook fine French food.

Sometimes being creative in one area means that we go without what is expected in another area of life. Julia Child was a housewife living abroad with her husband. They were unable to have children and she found herself bored and frustrated. She channeled her energy into her love of food. In this quote she reminds me that no matter the circumstances or situation, you can always take your passion and share it with others. Her love of food and teaching became the defining force in her life and propelled her beyond what she ever imagined.

One of the things I admire about creative people is their ability to overcome what is expected and embrace what they have been given. Instead of working hard to fit the mold of what everyone else is doing, truly creative people are driven from within to do their thing and do it well. It may take them a while to find out what they are good at or even how they want to express their creativity, and yet once their creativity is given life off they go. Something within them will no longer stay silent or within the norm, they are called even propelled to create with the gifts and passions they have been given.

What gift have you been given that makes you special? How do you share your creativity with the world? What are you doing today, tomorrow, next month to help enhance the talents and gifts you have within your soul? It takes courage, hard work and time to develop your passion into something to make this world a better place. It is never just a cake, it is something that transforms a ‘meeting’ into a party! Your talents and passions are worth it!

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