Post 2000: Words Left Unsaid

Handmade paper scraps, Sumi inks – words by Harriet Beecher Stowe

These words reminded me about the times people want to say something however the words do not get communicated. We’ve all had those moments when we wanted to say something and yet were not sure if we should say it, how we should say it, or if the other person even wanted to hear what we had to say. So we said nothing and the moment is gone.

Then there is inevitable regret. “Oh, I should have said that!” haunts us and we can never go back to that moment. Our idea goes unshared, our moment of wisdom fades without anyone hearing it, and the opportunity to provide a different perspective is lost. All because doubt and fear prevented us from sharing the words in our head. We fear reactions, resistance and now must live with regret.

How wise Harriet Beecher Stowe was in her quote, words left unsaid and deeds left undone result in bitter tears. So which is worse? Saying the thing you do not know how to say or living with the regret of never having said it? How would the world be better, stronger, wiser if we stopped questioning ourselves and followed our heart? Leave fear behind and move forward with hope and courage. I still have things I wished I had said years ago, and they still haunt me. I have put the regret behind me and yet it is a tender spot in my heart. I encourage you today to realize that the thoughts and deeds that pull at your in the midst of the situation are indeed important, so say them and let the regret be dispelled.

This is my two thousandth post. I have been writing everyday for over five years and wondered if I had anything to say. After all those words and hours of writing the answer is “Yes” I have something to say, and somewhere people are reading my words for which I am very grateful. As of today I am going to change the featured image on my posts. Instead of using only my photographs I am going to feature my own artwork as well, and continue to write words that are inspired from the text I choose to use to create my work. I want to raise the bar and see if I can produce/feature 365 pieces of work this year…which gets big “Gulp!” from my gut. In the caption of each piece I will share my tools and the source of the words.

When I started writing everyday I said go big or go home, so here I go again. Words and artwork for the next year…stay tuned!


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