When the Goal Clears the Path to Cooperation

It’s been tough being a cat at our house lately. The weather has been grey, cold and rainy which means the dogs are trapped inside with too much energy. So as a cat you have to find a warm, safe place for your daily naps. Our kitten Cookie and her big brother Buschi have joined forces in sharing the warmest blanket in the living room. It’s a great way to beat the canines and the cold.

As I watched them drift into a deep sleep, I was reminded of tough times when everything else didn’t matter except the goal. Starting a new job, moving, a big project or deadline, or overcoming a mediocre colleague; whatever it was I had to overcome somehow the politics or anything else that was normally a barrier went away. I was wise enough to let it go in order to hit the goal.

If reaching the goal meant figuring out how to navigate horrendous policies or procedure, I found people who could help me even if we were both new to things. I learned to surround myself with people who were willing to work as hard as me without the games or pretenses where we could develop a win – win outcome. Sometimes it meant letting go of my ego, my assumptions and my fears. Having something bigger to focus on made letting go a lot easier. It also meant I had to trust more quickly and forget the past debacles more swiftly.

These purring felines reminded me that a strong, positive, motivating goal can clear the path to cooperation much more quickly. If cooperation isn’t happening maybe it has nothing to do with the people involved and more to do with conflicting goals. When everyone sees and understands the need for the same goal to be accomplished everything else becomes small potatoes.

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  1. People will always make a twelve-course meal out of small potatoes. Sadly, there is no common cure. Once you are inevitably captured by the vacuum, you are going to have to endure the trial until you are expelled at the other end.


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