Facing the Real Fears in Life

Our kitten Cookie weighs less then four pounds. Her canine sister Biscuit weighs close to ninety pounds. Today Biscuit had to face her fear of this little, energetic thing that runs around the living room. She did it by getting close, but not too close, then just sitting and observing. Cookie was enjoying the sunshine so Biscuit just waited until this kitten moved, then Biscuit moved. Biscuit never backed down, just walked a wide circle around the kitten. It has taken almost a month for them to get this close together for any length of time. Biscuit gets points for facing her fears.

I had a good chuckle as I observed this interchange. The dog could snatch up the little kitten without a thought and everything would be over, but that’s not what happened. Biscuit has been slowly getting used to her little feline sister over the past few weeks. Biscuit reminds me of me. Making a mountain out of a kitten, turning something minuscule into something much bigger for no real reason.

What’s the clever acronym for fear – False Evidence Appearing Real. Today I saw that in action, This huge puppy cowered in the corner over a tiny kitten sitting in the sun. How many times have I done that with one of my fears? I built up in my mind to the size of something until it became so intimidating I found myself paralyzed. Forget the reality of the situation, the falsehoods in my mind made everything so much worse.

Action cures fear. Get moving, stop being paralyzed and move. Do something, anything and suddenly the four hundred pound problem turns out to be a four pound kitten napping in the warmth of the sun. I have found that my fears rarely come true to the depth and gravity I created in my mind. Sure they can be problems and when I start moving the size disintegrates and suddenly I am back to moving forward.

Spend your time today on the real problems of life not the ones that get overinflated in your mind. Remember action cures fear, so just get moving.

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