Ya’ Gotta Know When You’ve Had Enough

After a family event this fellow collapsed in a chair. There is no doubt that he is ‘done’! He had fun, he had food, he made people laugh and he had a life affirming evening. What more could a twelve year old ask for, other than a nap?

All of us have our limits, and wisdom is knowing when you have reached the limit. Sure you can push yourself harder to get more done or to hit the deadline, but what does that do to your long term health? There is a reason our bodies need sleep. Sleep refreshes, it rejuvenates us, it allows our brains to rest and our thoughts to process. When we rob ourselves of sleep we are thwarting the process of our bodies supporting us as we live our lives. So maybe it is time for a good night’s sleep.

It has been raining all day in our area so the day has been dreary and dull. I have been busy all day and this post reminds me to practice what I preach, so I plan to get a good night’s sleep. This means winding down, stopping the use of electronic devices, and getting my body ready for rest. I look forward to it and know that even if it rains all day tomorrow I can tackle anything the day brings after a good night’s sleep.

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