Paper & Pencil…

It’s week forty-three of our fifty week challenge, and we were only allowed to use paper and pencil. The words we were given – we are the places we have been. So with no ink and working to resist the urge to add ink, I designed what I saw. I noticed that every word had ‘e’ in it, so I decided to feature that letter in a strange way. I laid out the lines and box for each word then used a 8D pencil to do the letters.

It’s strange what we see when we take a first glance. I have to admit I was a bit stumped by the words as they are nice but did not hit a cord for my creativity. So I took a second and third look at the words and noticed ll the vowels. So many ‘e’s so I thought about how to feature them without making them oversized, so I went small and vertical. It took me a couple days to process it all and come up with something different.

Sometimes it takes time for creativity to activate. When we are under a deadline we forget to allow processing time. We want to rush in and do, when waiting is the best use of our time. That is so hard when time is ticking. I find that when I force my creativity I am usually disappointed. Knowing this means we have to do other things or keep our world in order so that when an idea hits there is space and time to do something about it.

My lesson from this week is to let things simmer and be ready when creativity hits. One you have the idea bring everything to bear and get it done. Pull out the paper and pencil and get to work.

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