This forty-first week of our calligraphy challenge was to focus on the word home. I found it quite appropriate as I traveled the entire month of September and first week of October. After all that I was very glad to be home. I thought about many sayings and verses around home, and then the song by Kenny Loggins came to mind and I knew what I had to do. I used Pentel Brush pens spread like watercolor on mixed media paper. I wanted to not be exact within the lines as when you celebrate you lose control.

There is something special about the moment you get back home and are able to sleep in your own bed. Suddenly all the turmoil of travel melts out of your bones and you are able to breathe a heavy sigh of relief. There is nothing so calming as that first night sleeping in your own bed. This assumes you like where you live, are safe where you live, and want to get back home. I know that is not true for everyone.

I travel about fifty percent of my time, so I have developed coping mechanisms to survive all those boring hotel rooms. I bring something to do around calligraphy and exercise. Winter months are harder as the light leaves so early and the nights feel so long. I usually remind myself that this travel is only temporary and I will be home soon. Travel is a necessary part of my work and being able and willing to do it often makes my world more viable. It is the price I pay to serve people in the capacity in which I serve.

For those who travel often, how do you deal with it and how does going home feel for you? I hope it is a pleasure to walk through your own door and that someone or some creature is there to greet you. It makes all the difference to want to go home.

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