Consumerism Gone Awry

It can be overwhelming to shop in some Japanese stores. This is a shot of DonQuijote, a discount chain. Their spaces are crammed with merchandise that is stacked floor to ceiling to maximize every inch of space. To make it worse a loud music track is usually playing across the store aisles. Prices are great, it can just be a bit of a challenge to find just what you need.

As I wandered around this seven story retailer I was reminded of how consumption can consume our lives. It can get the better of us and force us to make decisions we are not proud to admit. The real challenge lies in not being able to decipher the difference between what we want and what we need. We then spend so much time buying and trying to pay for what we want that we can no longer afford what we really need.

When is enough enough? When are you able to feel content and blessed by what you have without the constant need for more? How do you turn off all the channels of media working so hard to tell you what the newest thing is that you can’t live without? And when do you stop the urge to buy, buy, buy and simply live fulfilled with what you already own? I believe this is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Only by learning who we are what really matters to us do we then have the power to say ‘no more’ with confidence.

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