Words That Make People Think

It started raining on us in Kyoto and we noticed this sign had been put in front of a local store. As we drove by in the taxi we all had a good laugh. After we chattered a bit about the message, we then looked at the other side of it. Japan is working towards making English their official second language, which means every school child will be required by law to learn it and be tested on it. So what may seem like a silly sign is actually a rather progressive move for this shop owner. This sign is helping educate and inform those who encounter it, moving them closer to a better understanding of their new second language.

It’s funny how we react initially to a message until we think to better understand the real message. When we do not stop and think we often miss what is really going on. In this world where we jump from topic to topic, activity to activity, from hectic moment to another hectic moment we neglect to stop to process what is going on around us. When we do that we are the ones who are missing the message the sender is trying to communicate.

When was the last time you read something that really made you think? Something that stuck in your brain and made you think long after what you read was still in sight? When was the last time that something you said made those around you think, think hard, then think some more even after you were no longer around? Great communication makes you think about the meaning behind the message not just about the messenger. Why not work today towards writing or saying something that really makes people think.

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