Think Big First

Life isn’t about how to manage to get as much done as possible, it is about knowing how to handle the big things and the little things. The way most people navigate their lives is by prioritizing the big things first and then adding the little things later…or that is what we think we do. If we focus too much on the little things we never have enough capacity to handle the big things.

Big things might be career, marriage, children, moving, education, service, or even a hobby. Little things might look like paying bills, planning a birthday party, or cooking dinner. Both big and little are important yet take a very different level of commitment and energy. And we sometimes want to overlook the big things because they take a long period of time to reach fruition and are not always on our mind everyday, however if we do not prioritize the big things in life they fall away and never get done. Too many times the little things suck up our time and we have no energy left to think big.

What ‘things’ dominate your thought processes? What elements of your life need a bit more attention, and which ones could use less attention? No one is going to tell you what to do and how to do it right, it’s really up to you. Take time today to think about what in your world is big and what is little, and prioritize accordingly…then make decisions that support your priorities. Life will come and push you around if you do not focus on what is most important to you. Never let the urgent prevent you from doing what is truly important.

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