Week thirty-one of our calligraphy challenge and the topic is a monogram. We were tasked with designing and/or creating a monogram using letters. No other parameters, no other limitations. I am traveling this week so I ‘played’ with letters and shapes while in my hotel room. I only had a couple brush pens and some generic calligraphy paper. I thought it would be fun to see different versions and how my thoughts progressed across some similar shapes. When I posted this to the group people began to ‘vote’ on their favorite one…very interesting to see which ones people like and for what reason.

When I was in high school and college it was common for clothing, jackets and other items to be monogrammed. It is not so popular anymore, and yet I see modern monograms coming back in certain areas. I see stickers on cars and children with them on their backpacks. I do not see many monograms on clothing unless they are sportswear. It seems that we have gotten away from the meaning/importance of having a monogram on things. Modern marketing has made it more popular to wear some designer’s name rather than our own – not sure what that says about our own sense of self importance oarlock there of?!?

Maybe that is why I struggled with this challenge. I didn’t want to go back to the traditional monograms of my youth, so I had to force myself to do something different. Hence the brush pen and boxes. Funny how we get used to the way something should look and have to then do something radical to inject innovation into that old idea. And yet being open to a new way of doing things is the whole idea behind playing and learning and changing. So this was a nice activity and spurred me to think new ideas about an old concept.

Where could you benefit from doing the same? What idea have you had for so long that maybe it is time to inject a radical element to bring it back to life or to make it more relevant in your own world? I would encourage you to give your self the time and freedom to play and reinvent a well loved concept. I have no doubt you will be pleasantly surprised by what you reinvent.

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