Hope May be Frail but it is Hard to Kill

We have had a week without humidity; it has been glorious!!! I found this photo in my archives and it reminded me that cooler weather will soon be here to stay. Fall always follows summer and the leaves of green will eventually turn and meander to the ground. The seasons change every year and every year we look forward to the next season while we grow tired of our current circumstances.

Having something to look forward to makes a difference. Be it somewhere to go, something to do, someone to see or an event to attend. Everyone needs something to look forward to. When we do not have things to do in the future it can make use feel isolated, bored or even border on making us depressed. Of course there is a balance between things to do and too much to do, and everyone needs to feel needed. Contentment is knowing how to find the balance between satisfied and overwhelmed.

As I walked our property today and enjoyed a preview of Fall, I was reminded that having things to look forward to AND being able to rely on those things actually happening makes a HUGE difference in our mindset. The seasons come and go, children learn and grow up, and getting old is not for sissies! These inevitable elements and processes of life help us navigate our daily lives. Knowing that things are reliable and will happen helps us plan and behave and be the people we want to be. It gives up hope and an emotional place to land in this mad, mad, mad world.

We are supposed to have this kind of weather for about five more days. (Of course the weather person is the only person who can be wrong everyday on the job and still have a job!) I plan to enjoy it and do things outside without dreading the humidity. And if the weather person is wrong, then I will muddle through and look forward to the crisp days of Fall. Hope may be frail but it is hard to kill.

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