Get the Mailroom Busy

I am a big fan of snail mail. It is amazing what a piece of mail can do to someone’s attitude. It reminds them that they are not just a bill payer, a junk mail recipient, or a unwanted solicitation victim. A note or card or letter addressed to them directly lets them know that someone is thinking of them and cares enough to send them a personal piece of mail.

I send a lot of mail to people and am blessed to receive lots of mail in return. When I am in my studio addressing envelopes in some fun or creative manner it gives me time to think about the person who will receive it. Whether it is a special occasion or for nothing other than a reminder that they are important, a piece of mail blesses both the sender and the receiver.

When was the last time you received a piece of mail that made you smile the minute you saw it in your mailbox? When was the last time you gave someone else that same gift? Maybe today is the day you send a little love and appreciation to someone you care about…and maybe you will then receive something fun in your own mailbox. It’s time to get the mailroom busy delivering special greetings to those we care about.

1 Comment

  1. You are absolutely right about a small piece of mail can be the difference between just another manic Monday and a day that someone remembered you and spent the money and time on you.

    PS Loved the envelope. They didn’t come at the same time and I was sucking exhaust for two days.


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