How Their StUfF Mingles with your sTuFf

No matter how much we try we cannot get away from the messiness of living and interacting with people. They have stuff, we have stuff, together we somehow create more stuff and before we know it the stuff overwhelms us both. It would be easy to get rid of the stuff of life if we could simply live a life without people. On some days that may sound like a very attractive prospect and yet in reality it would be a very dull, grey, boring world indeed.

We cannot control people or make them do what we want them to do…and if you have figured out how to do that, then stop reading this post, write a book and become a bazillionaire by letting the rest of the world know how to control people. Life would be SOOOOOO much easier if we could control people, but we can’t. We may poke and prod, discipline and yell, scream and shout, and having wasted all that effort they may comply for now but chances are not for the long run.

I learned a great saying early on – a man convinced against his will is of the same option still. No matter how much we think we have won the argument or gotten them to do what we want, deep down inside they still think their own thoughts and eventually will act their own way. Sure their habits change when they are around us – they have learned what is acceptable and unacceptable in our presence – that doesn’t mean they behave that way when we are not around. How boring would life be if everyone behaved and acted like us? No new thoughts, no different ideas, no wild hairs or extravagant images, no messy colors and unstraight lines. If everyone were like us and behaved as we wanted we would rule the world and be left with a mindless bunch of zombies who never thought for themselves.

Maybe this is your reminder to embrace the stuff that other people bring to the table. Instead of getting frustrated of criticize their odd ball ideas, what if you embrace what they bring to the table and let go of your own desire to control? Neat and tidy has it’s place, but not every place needs to be neat and tidy all the time. Creativity and adventure show up at the most unsuspected of times and in the strangest places. Being around people who are different from ourselves reminds us how much broader the world can be when we open ourselves to the stuff of others. Their unique thoughts and talents allow us to venture into our own unexplored talents and might just open up a different kind of stuff than we ever imagined possible.

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