“He Died at Age…”

I traveled to a client site today and heard words that made me stop everything and face my own immortality, “he died at age…” and they listed number that was only two years younger than I am today. Wow! I’m not sure why it hit me today. I have no doubt I have heard other news stories where people have died who were younger than myself, but somehow today it was different. It hit me that none of us is promised tomorrow. None of us knows when our days will end. None of us truly understands the opportunity that each day affords us until we are reminded that none of us will get an infinite number of days.

This isn’t a woe is me post, it is a reminder that you have the opportunity to do anything you want with the days that you have…ANYTHING! Sure you say there are bills to pay and work to do, but you also know you have chosen those things. We each have twenty-four hours to do or become or serve any way we want; we simply have to decide what it is we want to do and go do it.

The life you want may require change or more learning, a different set of priorities or maybe even a new and fresh perspective about yourself. It may mean paring down or clearing out, giving in or giving up. Yet if you want things to be different are those changes really that hard? Sure old habits are hard to break yet it can be done. It take time and energy, but you are still above ground. Your name has not been read in a news story telling the rest of us how old you were when you died, so there is still time.

I was going to be lazy in my hotel room tonight, instead I got busy doing something I wanted to do no matter how I felt. I was glad I did and look forward to doing more of it tomorrow…assuming I see tomorrow. What are you putting off because you can do it tomorrow? What if your tomorrow doesn’t come? Do it now, make the changes you want now, and fill your days with what you want to do. Take that step today to make your tomorrow just a bit better.

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