The Challenge with a Blue Orchid

There’s an old saying that seeing is believing. Sometimes we see things and we still are not sure what or if we believe. This flower for example is a beautiful blue orchid, but there are no real blue orchids in nature so though it may be beautiful it is a fake. I was struck by the colors and the veining and yet I walked away disappointed.

There is so much information to wade through that figuring out what is real and what is not can be a daunting task. My husband and I were listening to the news and as a story unfolded we both commented that what was being told was not exactly the truth; there were major portions of the story that were left out in order to slant the current story into something more interesting, or more in line with the way that radio station wanted it to appear. We turned off the radio and were disappointed that such a blatant half truth made it on the air.

Both of these experiences reminded me that I was given a brain for a reason and need to use it. I have the ability to think for myself and discern what is real and what is garbage. I have a mind to ask questions and should at all times. Shrinking from the truth or allowing deception to slink it’s way into our lives is as much our fault as it is the person ‘selling’ us an untruth.

It may not always be comfortable or easy, but truth is always the best course of action. Being honest with ourselves and others is a vital element to developing and maintaining healthy relationships. Everyone may not want to hear the truth so learning when and how to say it is just as important as what you have to share.

The great thing about honesty and truth is that they never tax your memory because you do not have to remember what you told if you always tell the truth. Let this blue orchid remind you that seeing isn’t always believing and you are smart enough to know the difference.

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  1. I was in Santa Barabara at a farmer’s market where a woman was selling real sunflowers dyed blue. They were entrancing. It was a psychadelic Van Gogh exoperience.

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