Bad Days Look the Same on All of Us

Yeppers, we all have those days when life gets the better of us. Our puppies got fixed today and Biscuit looked totally pathetic once we got her in the car. They are both in a bit of pain and we have to keep them calm for seven to ten days…keep Labrador puppies calm, who are we kidding?

I don’t know exactly how she feels but I could relate to her expression. Bad days look the same on all of us. They wear us down, leave us feeling poorly, and they rob us of the ability to relax. Sometimes it is not the event that is the hard part, it is the recovery. The getting over, the getting well, the getting back to being ourselves that seems to take more time than we would ever want to dedicate to such an endeavor.

Bad things happen to good people. It’s a part of life learning to live with and survive the good and the bad. We can’t always control things and being able to process through all is part of growing and learning and changing. Without the bad the good wouldn’t be so sweet. Without the horrible we wouldn’t know how to handle everything life has the ability to throw our way. Some days we just have to take our lumps and learn the lessons.

So here’s to the days when we look like this. They come, they go, we live and learn and grow. And soon the ‘cone of shame’ will be a bitter memory for Biscuit and Gravy until it gets installed again some day in the future.

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