The Power of Creating a Meaningful View


Travel provides great adventures and helps us develop a different perspective. We experience and see different ways in which the world operates, how other people live and eat, and it expands our own sense of self. Many, many times it is the views that people photograph and share hoping to capture and experience that particular moment over and over again once they get back home.

We have traveled a great deal to Japan and have been touched by the beauty, calm and splendor of their gardens. The moment you enter you feel quiet and understand the meaning of the word peacefulness. There is an intention, a focus, a meaning behind every element in the garden and everything works together to create a place where people have the ability to tap into their own inner self. We have enjoyed these gardens so much that we are creating one in our own backyard. This summer we plan to begin crafting and cultivating our own space of peace and quiet, to bring a bit of the Japanese garden into our own daily reality.

We have the power to create our own special places, views and adventures in our everyday life. A special view may include a favorite chair or view from a window into our beloved garden, a perspective from the hall as we gaze into our office, or maybe even the joy we feel when we walk into our kitchen knowing we get to cook for the people we love. We have the power to make our everyday life an adventure in special spaces simply by how we arrange, navigate or decorate the places we visit everyday. It takes effort and intention and letting go of what other people think. It means focusing on what makes you happy and touches your soul no matter the trend or the current inventory being sold by retailers.

The rooms of our lives all have the ability to support us in being our true self. It is amazing what happens when we enjoy where we live, when we savor our special spaces, and when we tap into what we need to be our true self. The views we create remind us of who we are and what is important to us. The spaces we occupy end up occupying our hearts and souls which means their power to influence us never ends.

What is going on in the space where you are right now? As you look around the room you are in what brings you joy, what reminds you of who you are and who you want to become? If you are in a space in your own place what is preventing you from making it better, calmer, more meaningful to you? Maybe today is the day you mover or clear or rearrange things so your spaces and views bring you more joy. It only takes a little time and effort to create ehe views you want in your life. Whether it is a garden or desktop you can create the view that will help you be your best self.

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