Just a Few Words Could Change Everything

Love is a strange and fickle thing. It arrives uninvited and sometimes leaves in the blink of an eye. Love transforms us and changes us, brings out our best and our worst, and reminds us about the most important things in life. No matter how it arrives or if it leaves, love changes everything.

People struggle with finding love and being loved. We struggle with feeling worthy or that something about us will be discovered and turn love into disgust. We all want to be loved and hope that our love will be returned. IT is human nature to seek love and work hard to keep it, even if it isn’t good for us.

Love is such a powerful emotion, feeling and force that we spend our lives searching for it, giving it, and hoping to receive it in return. No matter who someone is or what they say, everyone wants to be loved and adored. Take time today to tell people how much you love them for no other reason than because they deserve it and your simple words could completely change their life.


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