True and Trusted Friends

I celebrated a friend’s birthday today with tea. We all brought something yummy to her new home and toasted to her good health and new dwelling. It was fun to be together celebrating her life and sharing from our own. He new house is amazing and perfect for her.

It is the people in our lives that make everything better, which assumes we like the people in our lives. Having someone who cares about you, cares about what happens to you and is there to celebrate the good and comfort during the bad makes all the difference. It means your life will not go unnoticed and you will not remain invisible. It means who you are and what you do matters.

All this doesn’t happen in a bubble. We do not find good friends, we serve as a good friend first and earn their love and trust before it is reciprocated. Standing next to them and accepting their strengths and weaknesses during the good and the bad times is how it all holds together. We grow, they grow, life impacts us and we work together to handle the next hurdles. We may not see them face to face all the time but knowing they are out there and will support us makes everything that does hit feel a bit less daunting.

So here’s to the small celebrations of life, those that include tea and those times when something much stronger may be needed. The times when you eat cake, want to throw cake, or the times when you wish you had cake. Here’s to good friends who support and love us through our life journey and allow us to do the same for them. All the stuff in the world is worth nothing without a true and trusted friend with which to share it.

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