What Life is Like Without the Sun

It has been raining here for weeks on end. We have barely seen the sun and it is beginning to show in how everyone is behaving. We’re a little cranky, a bit run down, our energy is low and we crave the warmth and light we have been missing. The puddles are slowly drying up and the flowers are growing strong, but more rain is predicted for the upcoming weeks, with a little sunshine mixed in. It is amazing how much the weather has become a topic of conversation. Everyone has an opinion, thoughts and admits how much they miss the sun. Everything it does is so important that when it isn’t available everyone is impacted.

There are so many elements of life we are dependent upon, elements and people that change our world when they are not available. When these elements and people are not in our midst it can change everything. It changes our daily lives, our attitude, and our ability to perform. Sadly we do not often know how important they are to us until they are not around. And we do not know how our talents and skills impact others until we are unable to fulfill their lives by what we bring to the table.

So what do you bring to the table that changes the lives of others? What talents do you have that people miss when you are not around? Do you even know? Not that we always need to get credit or acknowledgment for using our gifts, yet not knowing what you give to the world is like not seeing the sun for weeks on end. You aren’t sure what’s missing but you know something is not going right.

Tell the people who are important in your life that they are important, that you need them, that they make a difference simply by being themselves. Your words can help them change their lives by understanding that they are your sun and help you grow each and every day.

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