A Dog and Her Potato

Biscuit and Gravy were visiting their grandparents and found the open basket of potatoes. They grabbed one and suddenly a potato becomes a ball, a toy, or anything else they want it to be. We tried taking it away and no matter what we did they found it, so a potato toy it is. We all got a good laugh out of it all, and thought it was cute and clever. They had a blast carrying their potato around and spent the afternoon enjoying time with their tuber.

How wonderful to have no rules or concept of what a toy should look like. How freeing to be able to make anything work for your need. How innocent to live without rules or guidelines or what is proper, what is true, what is etiquette and not worrying about what other people think. This little puppy just wanted something to fit in her mouth so she could carry it around and tempt her brother to steal it away. This lopsided spud fit the bill, so it became the toy of the day.

We all live with clear definitions in life. It is part of what makes living in this world bearable, understandable, a place where we can somehow make sense out of chaos. When someone changes those definitions everything can be seem topsy turby and a bit insane. They appear crazy or fanatical, so much so that we call them names or attribute bad with everything they touch. They have changed the rules that keep us safe and in control and that change can lead to madness. Or it can feel that way. Many of these people are the change agents of our life and our world, we simply have to let go of our definitions, preconceived ideas and rules. Just letting a little of their madness into our own world allows us to become better thinkers, dreamers, and inventors.

Today your challenge it to take a common, everyday item and make it something different. Use it in a strange way to force yourself to think outside of the box. Find your own potato and turn it into your new toy, your exciting adventure, your own creative way to begin thinking outside of the box in which you live. If a puppy can do it, what is preventing you from thinking new thoughts and inventing new things?

What do you think - write your thoughts here!

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