Last week’s calligraphy challenge was to create a calligram, a figure or picture created using only words. My brother took a picture of our puppies when they were sleeping in the backseat of the car. I used four words – eat, sleep, play, poop – to create their sleepy faces. It pretty much describes what they do each and every day.

How lucky these puppies are to have only four things to do. Sure each day they happen in a different order or multiple times, and sometimes more or less than we want. But these four things are their whole life. Its entertaining and fun to watch them learn and grow, and become who they are as dogs. Each day you can see them learn something different.

If you could only do four things each day, what would they be? Would they change or always stay the same? How would you react to a life that simple, that full of energy with only four things to occupy your time? There is a truth and beauty in simplicity. It sets a foundation for who we are and where we can go. These puppies see to get it, if we work smart not harder we can get it too.

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