If Not Now Then When?

We all face those moments in life when the decision we make will change everything. Do we stay where we are or move forward on a different path? Do we dare change everything that much, or can we stay where we are and still live with ourselves.

I talk to people all the time that want to make a drastic change in their life. They have pondered and planned, thought and contemplated all that change will require. Some have made lists, some have actually researched their new life, and still others have tried it out to make sure they want what they have always dreamed about.

How do you make big decisions? What do you need to know without a doubt, and what are you willing to risk not knowing to move forward and make the change? What do you need to feel safe and what are you willing to give up? It’s all about what you want and what you need. Which of the two will dominate your decision?

It’s never easy making a big decision. Nothing worth doing is ever easy or without challenge. Ask yourself, do you have the guts to make the change or are you willing to stay where you are and forget this opportunity? What is holding you back? Is it real or only in your head? The real questions is if not now then when? Only you know when it is time to change and live a new life.

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