It’s a new year and I have joined the private calligraphy group again this year. Our first week’s prompt was the word ‘new’. No other parameters other than to do something inspired and new. I received some really great art supplies and pens for Christmas, so I took this opportunity to play with them to create my piece for the week. I gel pertained the background on mixed media paper. Letters were created with brush pens, a gel pen, and Copic dark grey. I used different scissors to create the edges.

The text is attributed to Frank Capra, the Director of It’s a Wonderful Life. These words serve as a reminder that we need to listen to those crazy ideas and thoughts that pour through our heads. Sometimes we are on a specific road and a random idea pops into our head. Do we dare entertain it or should we simply ignore it all together? According to Mr Capra we should take a moment to consider what creativity is trying to do. Those random ideas or hunches may be the path you have been looking for but have been too scared to consider.

So what is that little voice in your head telling you? Have you even considered listening to the voice? What if you did? What if you explored that hunch and let go of the control to proceed along a new path? Maybe this is the year you let go and follow the creativity where it wants to take you? What is the worst thing that could happen…

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