The Holiday Season is a Bowl of Cherries


As the old saying goes, life is a bowl of cherries and what you chose to do with it is up to you. Some people only see the pits, others see only the beautiful red fruit. Still another person might only see that the bowl is half full or half empty, or not as full as someone else’s bowl. It’s a saying that reminds us to think of our own perspective in comparison of how others see the world.

This holiday time of year can find us getting all caught up in the commercial side of things. Buying, wrapping, shipping and working hard to provide the perfect gift for those we know and love. Who wants what, what can we afford, how long does it take to get there, will the wrappings survive being shipped? Will they return it, like it, wear it, store it, or simply open it and forget it. Will it mean something to them or simply be another piece of stuff they dust and move around for years?

Take this post as a reminder that the holiday is not about the perfect gift, or the thrill of the hunt in finding that one thing to make their day more jolly. The holiday season is about celebrating time with family and friends, simply sharing love and joy before the year comes to an end. It is about acknowledging those you care for and giving of yourself to remind them how much meaning they add to your life. Whether the gift is big or small, handmade or bought, it’s about being grateful for something as simple as a cherry, bowl full or not.

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