Hours of Enjoyment

I have been moving books into our new Art library. We probably have 400-500 books on various art related topics. It is a slow process and the books are heavier than I remembered. As I pick up each pile to put it into place I am excited and enticed by the titles I have forgotten and the books I have yet to begin. We are blessed to be able to have books, read any book we want, and gather more as we get interested in new topics. Not everyone has the ability to read books, let alone own hundreds of them.

I read the titles and names of the authors and I think about all the knowledge and wisdom these bright people are sharing so that others can enhance their own skills and expertise. The hours and hours they must have spent getting it just right, revising their pages and words, then working with a publisher to complete the production process. It’s a lot of work, and again we are the beneficiaries of all that effort.

As the internet grows and more and more is available online, people talk about books going away. That we will read and learn everything online, and that libraries and book shelves will disappear from our spaces. I have to strongly disagree. I love opening a book and finding new adventures, new information, running my hand across the glossy pictures and finding my bookmark to note how far I have to go until I reach the final end. I know there are other book lovers out there who not only love the contents, they love holding, handling, and turning the pages of a real book. The internet has none of that, so books are safe in our spaces hopefully for generations to come.

Time to get back to moving and organizing more books. Take time today to read something from a book and give thanks for all the people who helped make your hours of enjoyment possible.


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