The Lie About Being Creative

sliced of citrus lemons

We throw around the word creative all the time. We want to be more creative, or claim we are not creative, or even envy people we think are creative. Yet no where in those conversations do we actually define what we mean by creative. Depending upon what you do, what you know, the tools at your disposal, or the parameters of where you live, all of us are creative. It isn’t a talent or trait, it is simply a process.

If you talk to people who create things, and ask them about how they create, they usually begin to describe their process. How they work, what their space is like, the tools they use, and the process they go through to create. Sure all of these things can expand or contract over time, and in all that the process somehow remains continuous. It is exciting to see artist’s studios, a writer’s work area, or a chef’s kitchen. It is inspiring and enlightening to see the actual area in which they do what they do. Sometimes it is very elaborate, other times it is very simple, and others work somewhere in-between. The key is having a space, place, a process to work within to bring to life the idea that is rattling around your brain.

The lie no one tells you about being creative is that is isn’t about what you think, its about what you do. Creative people are usually creating something, building something, writing something, cooking up something. They put their ideas into action. They build the spreadsheet formula, design the invention, rearrange the space to be more creative or whittle down what isn’t needed to allow more ideas to flow. Being creative isn’t about what you think, or a trait or talent you were born with, being creative is about doing. Creativity comes to life and brings joy when it is released and shared with the world.

So next time someone tells you they are not creative, remind them it isn’t about a talent or trait, it is about the process…it’s about what you do. So go forth today and do nothing creative, no matter what it is. Just do it!

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  1. pink lemonade. Saw flowers in Santa Barbara farmers market that were sunflowers that the seller tinted the yellow petals blue. they were like a van gogh painting. surrealistically beautiful. Don’t know how she did it.

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