Ya’ Do What Ya’ Gotta Do


Today was rainy, cold and a basically nasty kind of day. I spent a large portion of my day in traffic with lots of people freaked out by driving through a downpour. Something strange happens to people when there is a form of water on the road. It is as if the water dilutes their ability to drive normally and the rules of the road are no longer discernible. If the water gets cold or foggy, then all best are off. The best idea is to head home and stay inside.

As you can imagine I wanted comfort food for dinner. I ate meatloaf and Mac n cheese, and enjoyed every bite. It was just what I wanted to soothe my soul. On days like today I also take Airborne before I go to bed. It’s one of those immune boosting supplements that dissolves in water. As I am traveling this week, worse than driving in rain is being sick in a hotel room. So I drink the pretty pink water and let it do it’s magic while I sleep. I am not plugging this product, nearly sharing my travel experiences. Ya’ do what ya’ got do to survive the rain, and travel, and unexpected cold weather.

So what do you do when the weather is not what you want? How do you deal with it all? Maybe you go to bed early, or eat your favorite comfort foods, or snuggle under your heaviest blanket and enjoy the quiet darkness. Instead of fighting and complaining about what you can’t control just deal with it in your own way. Be glad you have bad weather to experience, versus the alternative. Stick around, the weather will change and before you know it all that gunky rain will turn into beautiful flowers and delight your soul.

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