Being the Only Silver Man in the Group

Sometimes we belong, but don’t quite fit into the group. Not everyone is the same or needs to be the same, and in most cases being different makes the group stronger. The diversity of thought and ideas helps expand the capabilities of the group. However it doesn’t mean being different doesn’t go unnoticed. Sometimes you stick out like a silver puppy among black puppies, you can feel like an odd man out.

In a world trying to make us like everyone else, it takes strength and courage to be different. Different in thought, in looks, in priorities, in decision making. Not everyone knows how to handle people who behave differently, so being different can mean being misunderstood. Being different can also mean you are noticed more, are under more scrutiny, and eventually find other different people like you.

I encourage you to find and grow the ways in which you are different. The groups in your life – family, friends. Church, community, job – they all grow better and stronger when different thoughts and ideas are brought to the table. Have the courage to be the real you no matter how different it may seem.

Here you see our platinum silver lab nursing with his brothers and sisters. He will join our family by the end of the year, and his name is Gravy. We are also taking one of his sisters who is a cream color, her name is Biscuit. These two little beings remind me that being different is a good thing, a cherished thing, something to be proud of. Welcome to the world Biscuit and Gravy!

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  1. I didn’t know you had labs. I didn’t know blacks can birth a silver. They are beautiful dogs. Mom had a black one she kind of rescued from her niece who did not think he needed to be rescued. Drama in operatic style.


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