One Inch Wonder…

This week’s calligraphy challenge was to create something within one inch square…which is very small. We are beginning to brainstorm about our Christmas card, so I got inspired about the twelve days of Christmas. I created thirteen one inch squares using Gel pens, Copic pens, Brush pens and Sharpie markers on bamboo paper. Yes, I utilized a magnifying glass and a light pad to help me pinpoint the details. I think this study in one inch went well, so stay tuned for the final version.

I wasn’t challenged by the size of the work as much as how to depict each day in a unique way. I have heard the song all my life and the same images come to mind; this time I wanted it to be different. I go in the stores, see things in media and I recognize all the same standard holiday ideas. I challenged myself to do something different in each square. Before I knew it I was on a roll.

We all get into ruts. We do the same thing over and over again because it is easy, it feels good to know what’s going to happen, and it sometimes happens before we know it. Forcing ourselves to do things differently, to think creatively, to break out of the standards and be original takes energy. Getting through each day can be tough enough without having to exert more energy in being original. Sometimes ya’ just need a day that begins and ends on autopilot.

Don’t let today be an autopilot day. Exert just a bit more energy and effort to see what you can re-engage, reinvent, or reimagine. If you are used to thinking big, think small. If you usually think small, then think big. Do the opposite of what you normally do and surprise yourself with something different. You might be pleasantly astounded by what you can do or say that could change everything.

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  1. My Christmas envelope sucks more and more each day. Two greens wit h different shades, then covered by a grey that looks like a dark sky. I’m going to try to redo it but I expect it will be worse the second time around.


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