Light at the End of the Tunnel

I spoke to a woman today who is early in her career and is still working on gaining knowledge. She wants to stay in her current role for a couple more years to get more experience before thinking about moving into a new position. She has challenges some tough situations to deal with, and has a good head on her shoulder. She knows who she is and the areas where she wants to improve. She is confident and capable, and still finds herself frustrated in navigating the corporate structure in which she works.

I spoke to a man recently who is working hard to build his career. He has three children and his wife has a brain tumor which keeps her bedridden multiple days a week. This man has a great attitude and together with his family has developed a process and plan to keep things going each week. His children chip in, he doesn’t travel as much, and he knows that just around the corner the Doctors will find something to help deal with his wife’s tumor. He wants to advance in his career and knows that there will be a time for those opportunities.

Life doesn’t always deal a fair hand; the best we can do is play the cards we are dealt and stay on the train. It might be slower than we want or a more difficult journey than we bargained for, it may even take the long way home. The hard work does pay off. The seasons do change. The light at the end of the tunnel is not always another train. What I admired about these two people was their attitude and willingness to take the hard work in stride. They were willing to play their cards and stay on the train, knowing they had to pass through a few tunnels and over a few hills to get where they wanted to go.

Not everything goes the way we want, and it usually never goes the way we plan. This is a reminder that success and contentment in life are about the journey more than the destination. The train will get us there if we simply ride it out.

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