A Love Letter to Calligraphy…


Our prompt this week in our calligraphy group was to create a love letter to calligraphy. Develop a piece the expresses the joy and passion you have for lettering. I searched for the right words to express the fun and excitement I feel when I finish a piece, and this quote seems to sum it all up. I do not have much experience with brush lettering (the largest letters in the center) so I used this challenge to begin practicing. I used Pentel Ink Brush pens, Copic .5 and Tombow brushes markers on watercolor paper.

There is great joy in bringing words and characters to life. I enjoy words and believe they have power in our lives beyond that of simple letters. Words can bring pain or joy, life or death. The way we choose to use them tells others a great deal about our character, about what is important to us, and about how we want to speak into their lives. Words also ring in our hearts and heads decades after they have been read or spoken.

I am blessed to have the time and space to be able to create things, and a forum to learn more. Stay tuned for next week’s piece…you never know what will come out of a pen using ink.

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