A Canvas Not Just a Cup


I encountered an artist this weekend who decorates styrofoam cups. It seemed like a strange medium to me until I saw his commitment and learned about how he spends his time. Most of his days are spent waiting for customers to arrive, so he has time on his hands. He said he started doing his art to pass the time, and now it has become his thing. He has over 3,000 completed cups, some of which have taken him days to complete. He has the majority of them on display and will gladly tell you all about them if you stand there long enough. I admired his commitment and ability to take a simple cup and turn it into something interesting.

Too many times I hear people use supplies, space and time as an excuse. They whine about not being able to afford supplies, or have no time to do anything creative, or they don’t have the space to do what they want. They make comments about getting started at doing what they want to do when they retire, or when work slows down, or when their health is better, or when summer arrives. They note that when they can clean up their desk and have room to work, that is when they will be creative.

I also hear people comment about how they are not creative, or talent, or weren’t born that way. That is a bunch of cow puckie! Everyone is creative in some way, shape or form. If you have ever organized anything, that is creative. If you have ever done something new at work, built a spreadsheet or created a calculation then you are creative. If you have ever planned something, planted something, built something, or arranged furniture, that is creative. It doesn’t have to be art or craft to be creative. This guy doodled on styrofoam cups and built quite an impressive collection.

So what is preventing you from being creative? What excuse are you using or what lie have you been selling yourself to make not trying easier to swallow? This post should serve as a reminder and pinch to stop making excuses and just do something, anything creative. Don’t worry about selling it or if other people will like it…if you like it, that is enough.

If you use a styrofoam cup today be reminded that someone saw it as a canvas not just a cup. What will you do today with the things within your reach?


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