The Enthusiasm of Being a Super Hero


This super woman was able to leap through the frozen food section at lightening speeds. She moved like the wind, flew like a bird, and covered so many aisles of the store that her energy was contagious. She was shopping with her Dad and newborn sister, enjoying Friday night out and about. She ‘flew’ through the store with no inhibitions until she noticed us looking at her; after that she only went down the aisles where she thought she would not be noticed.

Oh to be young and so excited about your Superman cape that you didn’t care what other people thought. To let your imagination run wild through a public space only stopping when you realized you had an audience. Then once they moved along you ‘flew’ again through Housewares to save your sister sidekick from complete and utter boredom. Standing by while she learned to ‘drive’ the cart.

Our Friday night was made that much more special when we were entertained by this little superhero. She reminded us that somewhere along our journey we become self conscious, we give up our imagination for conformity, and we allow what other people think to dampen our spirits. My prayer for this wonderful child is that she hold on to her passion and energy, enthusiasm and joy as long as possible. Forget about what other people think, live in the world you want, and if you aren’t living how you want then create a new world where everyone wears a cape to grocery shop.

Today I challenge you to remember what it was like to have a superhero cape AND what it felt like to wear it out. Spend today exhibiting your own super power, whatever that may be. And if you don’t know what your super power is then today is a good day to start figuring that one out.

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