To Crack the Egg or to Let it Sit?


To get anywhere in life you have to break a few eggs, mix things up, create something amazing from simple elements. Yet it is not surprising how many of us do not like change. We have always had things or done things or wanted things a certain way, then once we get there we all too often do not know what to do with things. We have strived for so long to get what we want, when we get there we are not sure we want it anymore.

So if we are not sure we want it, it means we have to break a few eggs and create something new. Something new means we have to change. Change takes energy and after a while our senses become numb and dull to the excitement of change. We know where we want to go but we are no longer sure we have the mental or physical energy to get there. So the eggs stay in the refrigerator in their neat little container until another day.

How awful it feels to have all the right ingredients for a scrumptious cake only to realize there is no energy left to bake it. The eggs seem to taunt you and your mouth waters at the prospect of sweet morsels covering your tongue. But the energy still is not there, so the eggs are safe for another day. You could go by one, but there is no energy for that either.

So what is robbing you of your mental and physical energy? Your schedule? Your work? Your commitments? Your emotional attachments? Your fear of being without? Maybe it is a fear of change? Having something new means something old falls away. The pieces you had combine to make something new, which means the old elements no longer exist in their previous form. The memories are there yet the object or element is no longer there to prompt the sweetness of days gone by.

The hardest part of life is knowing what to keep and what to let go, when to break a few eggs and change things and when to leave it all alone. The worst time to make a life changing decision is during low tide, when emotions and energy are not at their best. Maybe you haven’t cracked the eggs because you are at low tide? Maybe it is time to dream and time to heal, and the egg cracking will come at a later date? Maybe you haven’t cracked the eggs because you are not sure you will like the end result? So fear prevents you from moving forward.

Let’s face it, some cakes turn out great – delicious, moist, creamy – exactly as you had hoped. Then there are the cakes that only get a bite or two before ending up in the bin. Somehow the sugar and salt got mixed up and no one should suffer that treacherous fiasco. Either way there are usually more eggs and more opportunities to bake more cakes. It means mustering up your energy again and trying one more time. The more and more you bake the better the cakes become. One failure does not mean all cakes will be awful, you simply need to keep trying. Break a few more eggs, try another recipe, keep going until you find your favorite. The tides will turn and you will have the energy to break more eggs, give it time.

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