Adolf Bernd…

Final Version

This week’s calligraphy prompt was to create something influenced by the work of Adolf Bernd, a famous calligrapher. He used watercolor and white spaces to create harmony and energy within his work. I had seen some of his work but was not very familiar with his overall body of work, and I am very uncomfortable in using watercolor. So this was a fun prompt, colorful and energetic that pushed me to use tools and media differently.

I actually created three pieces and liked the third version, the final version, the one you see here. The other two are below. Version one had too much disparity between the colors I chose, they did not really play well together on the page. Version two was a bit better on color choices, but still a bit too busy without continuity between the blues. The final version is the best mix of my work influenced by Bernd.

What has been interesting for me is to see and experience the work of others, absorb their style and influence without simply mimicking their work. How to be inspired without losing yourself? How to be open to using tools and methods differently than you do now? And allowing yourself to fail without throwing the ones you don’t like away? Learning is a process, and we all have to be open to being pushed or shoved out of the box in which we live and create.

I have used watercolor before, just not in this controlled of a style. I initially went to the tools I know in version one and used only markers. I let go of my fear in version two and mixed markers and watercolor. Then I finally jumped off the ledge and worked to learn how to control watercolor (which is an oxymoron) and work to enjoy the colors.

This week was a reminder to me of why I joined this group. I have been exposed to new and different techniques, artists, and styles that have pushed me and my skills beyond what I thought was possible. We are in week thirty-one, with most of the year behind us. I look forward to seeing what fall has in store for our creative lives. So stay tuned there are more weeks to come.

Version 1


Version 2

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