This week’s calligraphy challenge was to create a ligature. A ligature is the sharing of a line between two letters. It was popular before the invention of the printing press and fell out of favor as printing became more automated. Ligatures are commonly used in logo and graphic design, and are coming back into style. I had joined letters and shared lines before, I never knew there was a formal name for it.

I struggled with this one. I pondered all week about how to create what was in my head. That struggle looked very much like procrastination, which was a result of my inability to create what was in my head. I wanted to create something more complicated than my brain could process. After three or four attempts I finally dialed it back and went with something simple. For this simple version of my name I used a Sumi brush on very smooth paper. I like it.

This week reminded me that sometimes simple is best. We have grand ideas and think or work hard to force things to work, when in reality the most beautiful things are often the most simple. We set out to wow people with our abilities and skills, when all we need to do is actually stop procrastinating, stop over thinking it, and produce something. It seems to always happen that when we let go of the complicated, overwork, or over processed  idea we release the beauty that was hiding underneath all that fret. When we let go the energy and ideas seem to flow much better. In other words, get out of our own way and just do something even if it seems a bit simple.

I have had a couple people suggest this as a personal logo for my work; I think it’s a great use of this one. Once again, let go of the complicated and lean on the simple…and you will be amazed at the connections, or ligatures that may result.


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