Self Imposed Chaos


None of us would admit we create our own chaos, yet when we are honest with ourselves we know that the decisions we make all too often lead in that direction. We put off doing the big task, or the chore we hate doing, or the thing we aren’t sure how to do. And by putting these things off we are laying the foundation for chaos.

Eventually all the things we avoid will need to be done. We have to get the chores done, we have to do the thing we dread doing, and we have to get done the things we are afraid to attempt because we might fail. We have made them bigger obstacles in our head and by avoiding them we reek havoc on ourselves. We create our own chaos. We create panic, pressure, fear, and frustration which all work to make us feel bad about ourselves.

Oh wait, you thought you were the only one that did these things? You’re not crazy, you’re human. We all avoid the painful, things we dislike, the fear of being wrong. We put them off as long as possible until the last minute, then we get them done and all is right with the world. We are a hero, a champion, the master of all we survey…until they build up on us again and we fall back into the chaos of our own making.

It would be easy here to write a few sentences about self discipline and decision making, but that would be trite and obvious. The lesson here is to understand that everyone does this, we’re all flawed humans and do things that create our own version of chaos. For some it is a messy office. For others it is a seriously full refrigerator. Some people have a car that doubles as a storage unit, and many of us simply put things in closets and drawers until we spend hours trying to find them again. Know yourself and know the signs of impending chaos. Try a little harder to nip it in the bud and do the things you dread a bit sooner next time. And be kind to others as you observe their self imposed chaos. They too are human and do it to themselves, just like you do it to yourself.

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