It Changed Everything in an Instant


I have recently started making my own note cards to save money, make them personal, and to improve my gel printing skills. If you have been reading my blog you will know that I am a huge advocate for hand written notes. I send them all the time and it means so much more now that I make my own notecards.

There is something about a piece of mail that is addressed to you without there being a plastic window in the envelope. It tells you someone cares, was thinking of you, and wants you to know that you are important. It traveled a great distance to get into your hands, deliver a personal message, and it reminds you that you are a priority for someone else. Be it a birthday card, a thank you note, a get well soon wish or a message just to let you read a kind word. No matter the thought or meaning a hand written note can change the course of a day, a week, and thought process.

Sure you can send a text or email, or even post something online for people to read along with the rest of the internet; there is something special about a note meant just for you. I could go one and on, but would only ask you how you felt the last time someone sent you an actual note. It changed everything in an instant. Sure you are busy and who has time to write notes anymore…blah, blah blah. That same statement has been uttered for decades, but it isn’t about you it is about the person to which you are sending the note. THEY are worth the effort. And maybe if you start sending notes you will get more notes. Go figure!

So put down your electronic device and send someone a note. Even if all you say is hello, let them know you were thinking of them AND they are important enough to you for you to stop your busy day and write.

FYI we plan to start selling these and other art cards online in box sets and individually soon, so stay tuned.

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